This site contains several resources to help you learn how to code games. You can use the tags and post categories to help narrow down posts which are relevant to you. If you’re new here and just want to know what posts to start with, check out my beginner coding tutorial series below.

By coding level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

New to Ren’Py?

These tutorials will walk you through downloading Ren’Py, a code editor, and getting set up with your first game.

Want to know how to change or branch your game based on player choices?

This series of tutorials covers simple variable types and conditional logic you can use to make complex branching paths, keep track of player stats, and more. It includes several quizzes on each concept to check your learning and plenty of examples of everything in practice.

Screen Language

This ongoing series of tutorials covers various aspects of screen language so you can create your own custom UI screens, experiment with gameplay elements, and more!


Other Articles

These articles don’t fall into other categories.

Tool Releases

I also release Ren’Py tools on my account, Here are some of my recent releases!

You can find documentation for my tools on the Tools page.

More tutorials, tips, code excerpts, and more are continuing to be released.

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