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Welcome to Feniks Development. Here you’ll find my best tips and tricks for coding in Ren’Py, as well as many code examples and snippets.

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Latest Posts

  • How to Mask Images in Ren’Py

    Learn about AlphaMask in Ren’Py, and how to mask images for dramatic cut-ins, side images, and more. Includes a tool to mask layered images.

  • The Definitive Default Define Ren’Py Article

    In this tutorial for beginners, learn how to declare variables in Ren’Py to track data which will be saved and loaded.

  • Organizing a Ren’Py Project

    Where do I put new code? What’s the best way of organizing my Ren’Py project? In this article, learn how to organize your Ren’Py project.

  • Conditionals and Choice Menus in Ren’Py

    This tutorial will walk you through how to add conditional statements to choice menus to control what choices the player can make.

  • Combining Comparisons Quiz

    Ready to test your knowledge of conditionals, comparisons, and simple variables in Ren’Py? Here’s a quiz to show what you’ve learned.

  • Combining Comparisons in Ren’Py

    This tutorial will walk you through several examples of more complex conditional statements, using all the tools learned in previous tutorials.